Are you ready to scale up your business and reach new levels of success?

Do you need someone to take over managing your team and to free up your time to work on those business tasks only you can do?

Do you need an integrator who will help you launch all the new ideas and projects you want to implement?

Have you ever wished you had an accountability partner who can also help with marketing, systems and business strategy? Someone who will look at your business and tell you what’s not working, fix it and make it all better?

Well, then, you need an OBM!

And I’m here to help.

As your OBM, I will be your secret weapon. I will take the weight off your shoulders, supervise your projects and your team and free up your time so you can again focus on doing things you are best at — working with your current clients, marketing to new ones and creating new products and services.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

A complete systems audit and analysis will be performed during the first 3 months I work as your OBM. Here’s how it is going to look like:

      • We start with an initial 60-minute strategy session where we will conduct a full system audit of your business, including an inventory of your products and services, sales funnels, tools and software, team and marketing strategy
      • Within 5-7 days of our session, I will send you a report outlining what we discussed, including a list of problems, bottlenecks and issues within your current systems. It will also list down recommendations for systems and tools that will fix these problems as well as an action plan mapped out accordingly over a 3-month period
      • We will have a follow up strategy call where we will discuss the systems audit report and finalize our plan
      • We will have regular weekly calls to discuss status and progress
      • First month: High priority systems and fixes are implemented; A project management tool and virtual office for the team is put in place (if needed) and organized; I meet with each team member to understand their roles and all their responsibilities
      • Second month: More business processes are streamlined and automated; I slowly take over the management of the team and any current projects
      • Third month and onwards: I free your time up to work on other aspects of the business as I fully takeover operations and team management and complete documentation of all Standard Operating Procedures for the business

My OBM Services package is customized to fit your business needs and goals, which we will discuss during our first strategy session. To find out more, go ahead and schedule your complimentary 30-minute discovery call. We’ll talk about how we can work together so you can go back to focus on the things you really love and continue to grow your business.

Your investment in streamlining your business: OBM services packages start at $3000/month